How We Work!


We work proficiently and adhere to requirements of our clients globally. Specialising in hand embroideries we provided chic work to clients and ensure the best quality with craftsmanship and intricate material setting.


We employ the best craftsmen on India and thus maintain our work's intricacies and sanctity. It is all worked by hand and thus being a labour intensive industry, a little delay caused is always regretted. Do keep your deadlines clear and we will adhere to them.


We ensure the right work for the right event. All we need are the right instructions to conclude with the production. If there is any changes required towards the work. It needs to be con sensually and pragmatic. If there is a  change in the price likewise-you will be intimidated and will look forward to your co-operation.


We envy the fact that our product is always special and adhering to the quality terms-we spend endless hours to conclude with order. Part cancellations, refunds is what we don't envy or support. We believe in reaching to the consensus and a clearer communication is always welcomed. 


We hope our work leaves you allured. So we need to make sure that product reaches you with the best service. We offer all the prices without any freight quoted. If you want to use our connecting courier. It is charged separately. The address submitted in the concurrent form shall be deemed final. We will not ship to any other address until a written intimidation is mailed to us at before 48 hours of the dispatching.