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What can we provide you?

We have a team of over 800 craftsmen, who have an experience of working in this industry. With a central sampling unit, located in New Delhi, we have the global outreach right in the heart of Shahpurjat (New Delhi), a global village which observes the amalgamation of multi-cultural, both international and national, environment. With a team of 28 highly qualified sampling craftsmen, we can ensure our best creativity in designing beautiful hand embroideries for your clients. We have a team specialized in zardozi, an intense form of hand embroidery.

Apart from hand embroideries, we do provide our clients with an all inclusive service of fabric sourcing, pattern cutting and embroidery sketching. We work on a full-contract based projects for a full season's collection, as well.

We have the facility of stitching available, with over 58 trained personnel equipped with all the modern stitching requirements. We can provide our clients with the stitching service, at a minimal cost. We can help you in the development of prototypes/Muslin Fits, samples of ready garments for Women and Kids wear. We are excelling our potential to setup an in-house Menswear stitching assembly line setup in our facility.