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Addaro's Radiant Gold Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric TW-81

Addaro's Radiant Gold Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric TW-81

Embark on a journey of opulence with Addaro's Radiant Gold Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric. Immerse yourself in the resplendent allure of gold, intricately adorned with hand embroidery. This collection is designed to elevate your creations, offering versatility and sophistication in three captivating variations. Addaro's Radiant Gold Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric is a testament to refined elegance. The radiant gold hue, coupled with exquisite hand embroidery, transforms each meter into a canvas of luxury. With a generous width of 145cm, this fabric empowers designers to weave tales of glamour and sophistication.


Embroidered Fabric by the Meter: The first variation presents the Radiant Gold Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric as a standalone masterpiece, sold by the meter. With a width of 145cm, this option provides the freedom to craft tailored designs with ease.


Step into the realm of Radiant Gold Splendor with Addaro's Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric Collection. Tailored for discerning fashion designers and fabric connoisseurs, this collection encapsulates the essence of luxury, offering a canvas for creativity and sophistication in every stitch.

  • Variation Options

    Short Dress Extravaganza:

    Elevate your short dress creations with the second variation – the same embroidered fabric tailored for short dresses. This option exudes glamour and is perfect for those seeking a blend of comfort and style.


    Complete Ensemble with Scattered Panels:

    Opt for the third variation, a complete ensemble featuring a long dress adorned with front, back, and sleeves scattered unstitched panels. This choice ensures a ready-made couture statement, saving time while delivering an effortlessly elegant look.

  • Why Choose Addaro:

    • Unmatched Hand-Embroidered Craftsmanship: Addaro stands as a beacon of unmatched hand-embroidered craftsmanship. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted, offering a level of detail and sophistication that only hand embroidery can provide.

    • Texworld Paris Endorsement: Choose Addaro with confidence, knowing that our Radiant Gold Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric is Texworld Paris endorsed. This certification attests to the superior quality and design of our products.

    • Versatility Redefined: Addaro's commitment to versatility ensures that each variation in this collection seamlessly integrates into diverse design visions. Whether crafting by the meter, designing short dresses, or creating complete ensembles, versatility is the hallmark of Addaro's offerings.

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