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Addaro's Green Grey Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric TW-78

Addaro's Green Grey Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric TW-78

Immerse yourself in the world of enchanting elegance with Addaro's Green Grey Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric. This exquisite fabric, seamlessly blending shades of green and grey, is a testament to the artistry of hand embroidery. Elevate your designs with this versatile creation that effortlessly transitions from meter to dress. Addaro's Green Grey Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric is a harmonious fusion of green and grey, meticulously embroidered to capture the essence of sophistication. With a width of 145cm, this fabric is a canvas for couture brilliance, inviting you to explore the realms of creativity.


Embroidered Fabric (By the Meter): Explore the first variation – an embroidered fabric available by the meter. Measuring 145cm in width, this option provides the flexibility to craft unique designs that reflect the seamless blend of green and grey.


Elevate your designs with the mesmerizing allure of Addaro's Green Grey Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric. A celebration of artistry and sophistication, this collection promises to captivate the discerning eye of fashion designers and fabric enthusiasts alike.

  • Variation Options

    Short Dress Ensemble:

    Transition from fabric to fashion with the second variation – a short dress ensemble created from the same captivating fabric. The embodiment of elegance, this option allows you to make a bold and stylish statement.


    Long Dress with Scattered Panels:

    Indulge in the third variation – a long dress ensemble featuring front, back, and sleeves with scattered unstitched panels. This option provides a complete couture solution, delivering a head-turning ensemble that resonates with sophistication.

  • Why Choose Addaro:

    • Exquisite Hand Embroidery: Choose Addaro for an unparalleled hand-embroidery experience. Our artisans meticulously craft each piece, ensuring every creation is a masterpiece of precision and skill.

    • Texworld Paris Showcase: Join the ranks of esteemed designers at Texworld Paris by choosing Addaro. Our Green Grey Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric stands as a symbol of innovation and timeless elegance.

    • Versatility in Couture: Opt for Addaro when seeking versatile hand-embroidered fabrics. From metered fabric to complete ensembles, our products empower designers to manifest their unique visions.

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