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Addaro's Multicolour Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric TW-76

Addaro's Multicolour Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric TW-76

Immerse yourself in a symphony of hues with Addaro's Multicolour Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric. This embroidered masterpiece is a canvas of creativity, where each thread tells a vibrant story of artistry and elegance. Explore the possibilities and let your designs blossom into a kaleidoscope of style. Addaro presents a celebration of color and craftsmanship in the form of the Multicolour Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric. With a generous width of 140cm, this fabric is a vivid tapestry of hand-embroidered details that redefine the boundaries of couture.


Embroidered Fabric (By the Meter): Unleash your creativity with the first variation – an embroidered fabric available by the meter. Let each meter become a canvas for your designs, showcasing the intricate hand embroidery that sets Addaro apart.


Step into a world of vibrant elegance with Addaro's Multicolour Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric. Designed for fashion visionaries and fabric enthusiasts alike, this collection beckons you to explore the boundless spectrum of possibilities in couture creation.

  • Variation Options

    Short Dress Ensemble:

    Elevate your style with the second variation – a short dress ensemble crafted from the same mesmerizing fabric. Transform the vivacity of the multicolored embroidery into a chic and eye-catching fashion statement.


    Long Dress with Scattered Panels:

    Discover the third variation – a long dress that includes front, back, and sleeves with scattered unstitched panels. This ensemble invites you to create a truly unique couture piece, blending the richness of color with the artistry of hand embroidery.

  • Why Choose Addaro:

    • Artistry Beyond Compare: Addaro's commitment to unparalleled artistry ensures that each piece is a masterpiece, a testament to the fusion of tradition and contemporary design.

    • Texworld Paris Showcase: Witness the grandeur of our Multicolour Hand-Embroidered Couture Fabric at Texworld Paris, where innovation and style converge on the global stage.

    • Versatility in Design: Opt for Addaro when seeking versatile hand-embroidered fabrics. Whether by the meter or as part of an ensemble, our products empower designers to create distinct, trend-setting pieces.

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